September, ‘11

It was another great weekend for Team GPRacing and our RX-3. As I said in the last news post, I had hoped we could end the season on a high note. We did that and more. The race weekend was attended by some of my family members, and they must have brought some good luck. We managed to finish in first place in all three races of the weekend, and I shaved another couple of seconds off my best lap time. We entered this racing season hoping to compete in a couple races and prepare the car for a full season in 2012, and we ended the season having significantly exceeded our goals.

With the 2011 season behind us, we are looking forward to the off-season and making the car even faster for next season.

See you next year!


July, ‘11

Another great weekend of testing the car and competing better than we expected is behind us. This time, we had two races over the course of the weekend. Again, we managed to come in 2nd place but didn’t finish one of the races due to carburetor issues. I did, however shave almost three seconds off of my best lap time since our last race. Now if I can only get that carb to stay happy….

Here is a video from our most recent race.

We plan on competing in one more race weekend before the season comes to a close. I’ll keep you posted on our results, and hopefully, we can finish the season off on a high note.


June, ‘11

Whew, what a weekend! The ride to the track was a smooth one, and thankfully, everything went well in registration, tech inspection, and setup. The weekend was comprised of one qualifying round and three races. We qualified fairly well, considering the car and I were having our first outing at full race speed (luckily, we had the opportunity to do a test day on the Friday before qualifying). In the first race, we suffered some carburetor issues that kept us from finishing the race. This was a disappointment, but something that was definitely fixable before the races on Sunday began.

We worked feverishly to discover and fix the issues with the carburetor and had everything running smoothly by Sunday morning. The races on the second day proved to be much better than the first, with us finishing in second place for both!

We are proud to offer some video of the weekend’s adventures. Enjoy!

All in all, not a bad first race weekend. We plan to do a couple more modifications in order to get the car running a bit faster and, hopefully, challenge for first place at the next race.


May, ‘11

The car is ready for competition! I’m sure we’ll need to do quite a bit of tuning at the track this coming weekend, but I think we’re ready to at least test the new beast. We are greatly looking forward to getting back to competing again; it’s been far too long. Hope to see you at the track soon, and I’ll post results from our upcoming weekend as soon as I can.



March, ‘11

A new year and a new race season I hope. What a project this car has turned out to be! The car has been updated to all of the current safety specifications, the motor and transmission have been installed (see the video below), all of the wiring has been changed out, the fuel system and new fuel cell have been installed, and the roll cage has been modified to become safety compliant. The car will soon undergo all of the necessary bodywork and be sent to the spray booth for some fresh paint. After we get it back from the body shop, all of the final touches will then be applied. Hopefully, we’ll have everything done in time for our first race of the season on May 28.

We will again be competing in the NER region of the SCCA, but this time around, we’ll be a part of a different class — E-Production. We hope to make this race season a sort of reconnaissance year. Basically, we plan on attending a few races this year in order to tune the car and get it running in great condition for a full season of competition in 2012.


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