October 28 , ‘05

It’s over already?!

The 2005 racing season has come and gone with superlative results. Our final race of the season was this past weekend at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut for the NARRC (North Atlantic Road Racing Championship) Runoffs. The field in our class was one of the largest this year and proved to be quite the competition. It rained all day Saturday (as it always seem to do when we visit Lime Rock), and all of that precipitation made for an eventful race. We qualified in 5th place and after the first few laps of the race, we had moved up to 3rd. After a little scuffle with the wall during the 4th lap, we ended up in 4th place where we stayed for the remainder of the race.

The results from this race will officially put us in 3rd place overall in the NARRC, and that will go nicely with our 3rd place overall finish in the NERRC (New England Road Racing Championship).

Although the racing season is over, Team GPRacing will not be hibernating this winter. We have a lot of preparation for the 2006 season, and we will keep you posted on our plans and any exiting news regarding the future of the team. Please keep checking back to the site for press releases throughout the next few months.

I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to all those that have contributed their time, sweat, and resources over the past year. We could not have done it without you!

Until next time …



September 14 , ‘05


After a challenging season of racing in the NERRC (North East Road Racing Championship), we are glad to announce that according to our own unofficial tally of the points, Team GPRacing has come in third place overall! With our two finishes this past weekend at NHIS, we secured our spot on the podium. We are very excited about the results, especially considering that this was only our first season of competition.

One race at Lime Rock still remains in our schedule, and it will determine our final standing in the NARRC (North Atlantic Road Racing Championship). We are currently third in points in that series, and we will give everything we have in order to retain our position. October 22 is the date for that final race, so please check back to see how we did, and keep your eyes on the site for press releases about next season!



August 30 , ‘05

What an interesting weekend it was…..

This past Sunday, August 28, was the date of our most recent race, and it was an interesting one to say the least. After an uneventful qualifying session that left us in 4th place, we spent the break before the race prepping the car and watching the skies. As it turned out, some rain sprinkles at the pre-grid slowly progressed to a full on shower by the time the race started. Being the daring group that we are, we decided to leave the dry weather tires on and forego the rain tires. Our decision was not altogether bad, since we moved up into 3rd place rather quickly. The rain never stopped, but it never became a real downpour either, so the tires actually performed quite well.

The real drama, however, occurred on the last lap. At the top of the hill and with less than a half of a lap left, the car contracted a serious electrical malady that left it entirely without electrical power. The car coasted back to the pits, and luckily, we only lost one position in the ordeal.

A short two weeks and we will be racing again on September 10th and 11th. These are the last two races of the season at NHIS, and we hope to see everyone at the track for some great competition!


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August 16 , ‘05

More great news in the form of publicity for Team GPRacing and its sponsors! Not only do we have a featured article in the latest issue of Mazda Fuel magazine, but we also appear on the cover! Mazda Fuel is a publication that is delivered to every Mazda dealership in the United States. The magazine highlights news throughout the corporation and focuses on outstanding dealerships and their achievements. We are very proud to have been featured in Mazda Fuel, and we are excited for the exposure that this will bring our sponsors.

Keep your eye on the site for results from our next race in two weeks!



July 27, ‘05

We spent last weekend at Watkins Glen International Speedway, an incredible 11-turn/3.47 mile course located in New York’s Finger Lakes region. The track is by far the most exhilarating of all the tracks we will visit this season, and the competition proved to be equally fun and challenging.

We arrived at The Glen on Friday evening and unloaded the car and set up our paddock spot. We were in the first group on Saturday morning, so that meant our first qualifying session began at 8:30. We had a very good couple of laps and set the third fastest time in that session. Our second session in the afternoon was plagued with lap traffic, and we were unable to better our time from the first session. After all was said and done, we had qualified in 5th position.

The race on Sunday proved to be quite an exciting one. A field of 56 cars was present when the green flag dropped at about 10 a.m., and we quickly moved up into fourth place and began to extend quite a lead from fifth place. However, after a late race caution caught the rest of the field up to us, what had been 90% cruising would turn out to be quite a race in the last lap. On the first turn of the last lap, we experienced some brake problems (we would later discover this to be cracked front rotors) and well overshot the first turn. This allowed the 5th thru 8th place cars to catch up in a hurry and actually caused us to lose our fourth place position. But the lap was just beginning! Four turns later, we had moved back into fourth place with a very tense late braking move at the end of the back straight. It still wasn’t over though! Entering the “boot,” we were overtaken yet again and moved back to fifth place. Still fighting, with only two turns left in the race, we moved back into fourth place and held on for the finish! All with cracked rotors and failing brakes!

A much-deserved short break is upon us now, and we will return to the track on August 27th for another blast around NHIS. We hope to see you there!



July 13, ‘05

PODIUM! You read it right! Sunday July 10th marked Team GPRacing’s first podium finish. After a long race weekend at NHIS, we made it all worth while with a third place finish in Sunday’s SCCA NER regional race.

We had two races this past weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Saturday’s qualifying was an exciting adventure spent entirely in the rain. After a relatively good drive left us in 5th place for the start of the afternoon race, we soon discovered the race would prove to be a difficult one. We again encountered fuel pickup issues (which we have finally solved), and spent the last few laps losing ground because of it. Our 6th place finishing position was not altogether bad considering the problems we experienced. Sunday however would prove to be quite different.

A beautiful blue sky awaited us on Sunday morning, and our qualifying efforts found us in 5th place, separated from third position by less than a second. It was a hard fought and exciting battle as we moved from 5th to 3rd, and finally in the last laps, with failing brakes we managed to distance ourselves from the field and finish comfortably in third place. We are very proud of our results, as are our friends and sponsors, and we can only look forward to what is shaping up to be a very successful racing season.

Keep an eye on the site for more exciting information, and results from our next race on July 24 at Watkins Glen (less than two weeks away!).



June 30 , ‘05

It seems like it has been a long time since I have written one of these updates, but it is probably just my eagerness to get back on the track that has made it seem that way. Another update will be just around the bend following our double-header weekend on July 9th and 10th, but we couldn’t wait that long to share some great news about the team.

We have just received the most recent issue of Pit Talk magazine, the official publication of the New England Region SCCA, and we are glad to say that the #93 Team GPRacing /128 Mazda RX-7 is pictured on page 17. You will see that the photograph takes up almost half of the page and includes a caption that reads, “A. Sterling Cole drives a third generation RX-7.” It is very exiting to see the car in publication, and we know that it will be very rewarding for both Team GPRacing and our sponsors considering Pit Talk magazine is distributed to every member of the SCCA in the New England region.

Remember our next two races are July 9th and 10th at NHIS, and we will post a fresh update immediately following that weekend. Until then … zoom zoom.



May 12, ‘05

Hello everyone, and again welcome to our still very new website. It seems that by the time the website was up and running, the first news was no longer all that current. So here we go with another update.

May 7th marked the date of the second race in our schedule and this time the competition took us to Lime Rock Park in beautiful Northwestern Connecticut. Well, at least it’s usually beautiful! If you weren’t keeping up with the weather in the Northeast that weekend, then you weren’t aware that while we were trying to race, good old Mother Nature brewed up a nice Nor’easter for us. Although the track actually saw very little rain, the conditions were quite windy and overcast. Because of the foreboding weather conditions we decided to put rain tires on the car for qualifying, even though it wasn’t raining at the time. Since the tires were new, they needed to be “scrubbed” so they would be ready just in case it was raining when our race began. That fact coupled with it being my first time driving at Lime Rock meant that we ended up with a dismal qualifying time and in the final starting spot.

All is not bad though! When race time came it was dry as a bone, and with a few pointers from a couple of veterans, we were ready to race. After the green flag flew, we quickly moved up through the field, and when all was said and done, we finished in a respectable 4th place. Not too bad for starting in last place, and most importantly we accomplished what we set out to do in our last press release, improve our standing from the last race.

We have a considerable break until our next race at NHIS on July 9th and 10th, so we will use the long break to do some modifications and upgrades to the car.

As always, keep checking back to the site and let me know if you have any opinions, ideas, or if you just want to say hello.



May 7, ‘05

Welcome to the official website of Team GPRacing! Please take a few minutes to enjoy and explore the site and I encourage you to email me with any comments or ideas.

As many of you know, 128 Mazda/Isuzu of Wakefield, MA and Mazda USA have partnered with us in our endeavor into SCCA, NER competition. We hope you will take some time to check out their websites and utilize them for all your automotive needs.

After qualifying 4th and quickly moving up into 3rd place, we experienced some fuel issues after gambling with low fuel levels, and finished in 5th at our first race of the year. Our second race at Lime Rock Park on May 7th is quickly approaching, and we hope to do better than our 5th place finish at NHIS on April 17.

Please check back often for the latest news and press releases about Team GPRacing.


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